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In general, it’s a good idea to buy long-term care insurance before you’re 60, for two reasons: The younger you are, the less likely it is that you’ll be rejected when you apply for the policy. If you apply in your 50s, there’s a one in ten chance you’ll be rejected. If you apply in your 60s, the chance of rejection is two in ten.

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Who should buy long term care insurance? Are you a candidate for long term care? How to determine if you should or shouldn’t buy long-term care insurance.

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5 questions to ask before buying a hybrid life insurance and long-term care policy

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Fall is when most companies ask you to update your health insurance and if you get your insurance under the Affordable Care A.

This type of insurance will cover any long-term care needs, whether it’s an assisted living facility, in-home care or a nursing home. But it’s not cheap. According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, in 2012 a couple age 55 paid anywhere from $2,080 to $4,824 for a benefit of $164,000 each.

This attractive deal offers a combination of life insurance, long term care insurance, and the ability to borrow cash out of the policy if you need the money for living expenses. These policies are perfect for those who have the ability to take a lump sum of money, probably currently sitting in CDs, to buy this policy.

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Don’t buy if the out-of-pocket cost for the coverage would be more than you can afford. Consumer Reports advises people that if their net worth, excluding their home, is below $300,000, long-term care insurance is not a good buy for them.

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Learn about long term care coverage at Find out how this. your age and health condition when you buy the policy. How long-term care insurance has.

Are you too old to qualify for long term care insurance? See our list of current products with their issue age to see if you qualify based on age.

Long-term care insurance was supposed to help the middle class ease the financial burden of expensive in-home or nursing home care that now can top $90,000 a year. Consumers were urged to buy policies in their fifties, because premiums rose the longer they waited. About 4.8 million people were covered by long-term care policies in 2014.

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